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Are you planning to sell your house?
Looking for ways to prepare your home for your potential buyers in the Market?
Worry no more, we have listed the 5 simple steps to increase the value of your home!

Upgrade and Update the Bathroom and Kitchen

1. Upgrade and Update the Bathroom and Kitchen

We are all aware that it is often been said that the kitchen sells a home, but a bathroom is also a high priority for some buyers. And we can update our Kitchen and Bathroom without breaking the bank, there are many creative ways how to refresh our high-use space in our house by updating old appliances, applying fresh paint. If you have a low budget for it, you should focus on the areas that will get the most attention this includes the lighting, the faucets, countertops, cabinets, and also by putting a new paint will definitely make the room look and feel brand new again.


Expand living space

2. Expand living space

If you have the means of modifying your floor plan like creating an open space concept, or a square foot space to be converted into a new bathroom or a decent-size bedroom because when it comes to homes a bigger space leads to higher values in the market.


Keep Up With Regular Maintenance and Repairs

3. Keep Up With Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Before posting your home for a listing, make sure you have checked and listed things around your house that needs to be repaired even the little things because those little things could add up to a bad impression to your buyers that would result in neglecting your house that would be a bad impact for your house’s value in the market. Make sure to hire a handyman, or get a Home Inspection before posting your house in the market.


Replace Worn Carpets or Rugs

4. Replace Worn Carpets or Rugs

Check and look at your soft flooring, is your carpet or rugs stained or worn? If yes, have it changed if the budget is tight for flooring upgrade the easiest part to increase the external design for it is by replacing your carpets and rugs for a better presentation for your buyers. And it will also show as very pleasing in the photos as for posting your house for a listing, and it’s a plus for a buyer on a house tour.


Money Saving Water Strategy

5. Money Saving Water Strategy

We all love idea’s that could lead us to save money, and also enjoy the fruits of the strategy, which is by applying install a water filtration system in your kitchen, which will purify your tap water, and also lower your grocery bills — say goodbye to water bottles! A water filtration system is an inexpensive addition, but it’s a small luxury that homebuyers love.

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